Illinois Committed to Water Infrastructure Improvements

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Illinois Committed to Water Infrastructure Improvements

Aging water and wastewater infrastructure remains a key concern for communities as water main breaks, treatment plant breakdowns and other costly repairs become more prevalent. Budgets are tight, both locally as well as with the State of Illinois, which could hamper infrastructure repairs. An influx of Federal funding into the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Initiative, however, may be the answer to Illinois communities with water, sewer and stormwater projects.

Funds through the Illinois Clean Water Initiative allow communities to access resources for much needed improvement projects.  With the tightening of budgets across the state of Illinois, many may wonder how Illinois can fund this program.
How can Illinois fund this program?
The state-run Clean Water Initiative program had an influx of Federal funding and was able to expand from $300 million each year to $1 billion. According to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the program boasts no deadlines and a rolling application process, making more funding available continuously to municipalities.

Communities take action. 
The Village of Port Byron, and the Village of Danvers are two examples of Illinois communities who are benefiting from the Clean Water Initiative. The Village of Port Byron faced several challenges with its aging infrastructure. MSA worked with the community to complete water main and sewer main expansion projects through the use of SRF dollars and local funding support. Construction of a new municipal water treatment plant facility in Danvers will be underway this spring through the use of SRF dollars and local funding support.

Funding sources available.
Other federal and state agency funding opportunities for communities looking to improve wastewater or water infrastructure include but are limited to:
  • U.S. Department of Commerce - Economic Development Administration (EDA)
  • USDA-Rural Development
  • Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity – Community Development & Assistance Program (CDAP)
  • Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)
  • Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)
Despite budget concerns, many Illinois municipalities are moving forward with projects, thanks to various grant and funding sources. Communities are making an effort to complete local due diligence, permits, and site assessments now so that when the time comes to submit an application, projects will move more quickly.
Having a Capital Improvement Plan in place helps communities be ready for funding when the unexpected happens. Planning paid off for the Village of Gifford when a devastating tornado destroyed infrastracture in November of 2013. For more information on Illinois funding and planning programs, contact MSA’s Steve Haring or Gregory Crowe.

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