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If You Build It They Will Bike

If You Build It They Will Bike
The Rice Creek Trail Extension is a portion of Ramsey County's 100-mile Regional Trail Comprehensive Plan. Their goal is to link every City and Township within Ramsey County, Minnesota.

To paraphrase a line from the movie “Fields of Dreams,” Minneapolis has seen the positive effect of following the mantra “if you build it, they will bike.” An article in Transit Talk noted a 60 percent increase in biking following infrastructure improvements such as on-street bike lanes and bike boulevards.
Healthy cities are in the making with this increase in biking. The U.S. government has set up a Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program (NTPP) to demonstrate how walking and bicycling infrastructure and programs can increase rates of walking and bicycling, respectively. This is an important part of urban planning and community planning development.
So far, the NTPP has awarded $25 million to Columbia, Missouri; Marin County, California; Minneapolis and Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. According to an article from WAPA News Online, personal vehicles account for 89 percent of the transportation in Sheboygan County. As a result, the community’s goal is to have an “efficient, connecting system of routes and facilities that provides a safe, convenient, and viable transportation choice for Sheboygan County residents and visitors” by 2035.
Ramsey County, Minnesota, along with its municipal partners, prepared a 100-mile Regional Trail Comprehensive Plan. The vision is a network of regional trails that provide safe pedestrian and bicycle transportation routes throughout Ramsey County, with the common goal to link every City and Township within the County.
Do you have a trail or park project on your mind? Don’t blink…application deadlines are coming fast. MNDNR applications for the following programs are due March 31, 2015 for 2016 project funding:
For more information on parks and recreation, or funding your next project, contact MSA's Parks and Recreation expert, Raine Gardner.

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