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What is Urban Planning? [Infographic]

Jason Valerius, AICP | with 0 Comments

What is Urban Planning? [Infographic]

Making sound decisions today that result in positive, impactful future actions is the goal of urban planning. Urban planning helps local leaders make proactive, informed decisions to improve their communities through land use and development, recreational amenities, economics growth, transportation and infrastructure. 

Download this free infographic on urban planning.

Why do communities need an urban plan?
  • Communities everywhere are competing for residents.
  • Market and environmental conditions are continually shifting.
  • Being a great place to live requires adaptation and initiative.
How do communities benefit from urban planning?
Engagement. Engaging communities in urban planning builds ties among residents, improves places and lives and builds ties to the community.
What will future urban plans include?
  • More data analysis.
  • 3-D visualization of future changes.
  • More ways for residents to stay in touch and involved.
For more information on urban and community planning, contact MSA’s Jason Valerius.

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