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New Age of Student Housing

New Age of Student Housing

Student housing is on the move.  Over the past decade, demand for modern student housing facilities has increased and trended more towards amenity-laden designs.  Cramped, one-room, dormitory-style housing is quickly being replaced by modern, multi-use facilities. 
Many college campuses are home to aging dormitories that need to be replaced.  Universities across the country are investing in new housing and residence halls featuring multi-room suites, Wi-Fi, and semi-private bathrooms. New student housing is more in tune with modern lifestyles and designs, including both traditional and non-traditional onsite amenities:
  • Hi-speed internet
  • Fitness centers
  • Study rooms/computer labs
  • Increased security features
Some college towns are experiencing an increase in off-campus housing options for students as well.  New student housing designs have an apartment layout that provides a live-work-play environment. According to a study by J Turner Research, 80% of students live off-campus. The study also revealed that college students prefer to live in two- or three-bedroom apartments.

Public-Private Partnership Opportunities

This new student housing formula creates an opportunity for public-private partnerships.  Public-private partnerships occur when a government entity - a university, for example - and a private sector company (or multiple companies) - such as real estate professionals or developers - work together to finance a project so that the public entity is not required to incur any borrowing.

Mixed-use developments, similar to Main Street Commons in Peoria, Illinois, provide affordable housing for students and feature comfortable living conditions with modern amenities and conveniences. The ground level of Main Street Commons contains retail space, covered parking, and a common area for educational, recreational and social programming. Floors two through five are dedicated to student housing and study space.  Check out these other designs being used as multi-use and student housing. 
Housing is an important factor in the decision-making process for prospective college students.  Whether considering on- or off-campus housing options, students will be looking for the amenities that best meet their needs.
MSA has been involved in mixed-use housing projects for both public and private clients.  Contact Maranna Binder, Associate AIA LEED® AP or Shannon Lybarger, LEED® AP for architectural design ideas for your next multi-use or student housing project.

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