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Funding FAQs - Questions #5 and 6

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Funding FAQs - Questions #5 and 6

Funding FAQs – Questions 5 and 6.
Our December newsletter was all about providing you with answers to some of your frequently asked questions. Wondering what type of information you will need to provide to fill out the grant application and how long it will take? We have those answers right here for you!
What information does our community need to provide to be eligible for grants?
  • Basic information, such as your entity’s legal name is important (Are you a Village, City? What’s your community’s median household income? Etc.) 
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • DUNS and  Bradstreet (DUNS#)
  • A copy of your latest certified public audit and financial reports
  • Utility rates, if the project is related to a utility  
  • Agency review and clearance letters from agencies like the Department of Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation, Department of Agriculture, etc.
  • Preliminary engineering reports and DNR or IEPA permits.
In Iowa, the CDBG Program requires a DNR-approvable Facility Plan or Preliminary Engineering Report to be submitted before or at the time of application.
How much extra work is involved for the local clerk/treasurer to administer these grants? 
It depends on the project. Typically, the community will contract with a consultant to administer the program – some larger communities may have in-house staff able to take this on. If contracting with a consultant, the clerk/treasurer’s responsibilities are limited to accounting for incoming funds, preparing and sending checks to the appropriate places, and maintaining a file system. The consultant typically prepares all documentation, takes care of wage rate compliance monitoring, and performs any necessary additional administrative duties.

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