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MSA Dubuque - Take a Look at our Green Office

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MSA Dubuque - Take a Look at our Green Office

Sustainable practices are a way of life around MSA, even more so now at our new Dubuque, Iowa office location. We are thrilled to have found a location that boasts so many green features. We outlined nine of them here in a convenient infographic. 
  1. RECLAIMED WATER IRRIGATION SYSTEM | Ground water is a byproduct of our open loop geothermal heating and system, and we use this water for irrigating our landscaping.
  2. LIMESTONE QUARRIED AND FINISHED LOCALLY IN DUBUQUE | Using local materials reduces the carbon footprint of the building process and helps the local economy.
  3. EXTERIOR WALL INSULATION MADE FROM SOYBEANS | And, on the interior face, there are sheets of recycled gypsum board.
  4. WELL-INSULATED ROOF WITH HIGH SOLAR ENERGY REFLECTIVE VALUE | The roof’s color helps keep the building cool in the summer.
  5. RECYCLED, LIGHT-COLORED PARKING LOT PAVEMENT | The light color helps reduce the urban heat island effect.
  6. RECYCLED ALUMINUM FOR WINDOW FRAMES AND CURTAIN WALLS | Aluminum is virtually 100% recyclable without any loss of its natural qualities.
  7. SUSTAINABILITY HARVESTED, FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL-CERTIFIED WOOD FRAMING | This helps reduce deforestation and forest quality degradation.
  8. DAYLIT BUILDING THAT REDUCES ENERGY USE BY 50 TO 80% | Over 97% of the space is daylit with a view of the exterior.
  9. WIRELESS HVAC CONTROL SYSTEM | Green lights near the roof serve as transmitters.
These are just a few of the green features our new Dubuque office space offers. For more information on sustainability and resilience planning, contact Jim Holz.

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