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Roadway Makes National Stage

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Roadway Makes National Stage

When the City of Oconomowoc seized the opportunity to transform the aging Wisconsin Avenue (STH 16) into a showcase roadway, I bet they never thought they’d see it on national news.  Wisconsin Avenue saw the big lights as the location for the 75th anniversary of the premiere of “The Wizard of Oz”.  Oconomowoc was one of the original stages for the film’s 1939 world premiere.  Keep reading to learn more about how Oconomowoc transformed Wisconsin Avenue into a national-stage-stealing roadway.

Oconomowoc encountered the same challenge of inefficient infrastructure that many other cities face.  Prior to reconstruction, Wisconsin Avenue had a crash rate that was three times greater than the state average.  Additionally, the downtown was perceived to be unfriendly to pedestrians.  Oconomowoc’s goal was to create an attractive gateway to the downtown that would encourage economic development. 

The new plan needed to develop a community sensitive design that improved traffic flow, reduced the number of crashes, and created a sense of place for the historic downtown.  Changes included:
  • Implementation of the City’s first roundabout to improve traffic flow
  • Realignment of a main connector street to reduce congestion
  • Addition of place-making amenities, such as colored concrete crossings, brick terraces, plantings and attractive street lights
  • Use of a three-level traffic control plan to provide continual business access
As a result, pedestrians and motorists alike are enjoying improved traffic safety and flow along with attractive streetscape.  Thanks to the creation of the new gateway, the downtown is experiencing economic benefits with the addition of new businesses, increased revenue for many existing businesses, and renewed interest from potential entrepreneurs.

And, while visitors enjoyed Wisconsin Avenue at the 75th anniversary screening, the residents of Oconomowoc enjoy the improvements daily - there is no place like home.

Is your community facing similar challenges, related to pedestrian safety or traffic congestion?  Contact MSA’s Brian Huibregtse to learn more about how our team’s experience in Oconomowoc might benefit your community.

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