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Municipal Engineering in Minnesota

Brian Miller, PE | with 0 Comments

Municipal Engineering in Minnesota

It’s been two years since MSA Professional Services, Inc. completed the merger with BDM Consulting Engineers and Surveyors (BDM) of St. Paul, Minnesota.  And, I can honestly say our focus remains the same – delivering high-quality, personalized municipal engineering expertise to each community we serve.
Flagship services like municipal engineering continue to be part of what MSA excels at in Minnesota.  Our clients have relied on us for infrastructure improvement projects, especially in the areas of wastewater treatment, water treatment and water resources engineering.  Our clients can continue to expect these services from us, but what I’m really excited about are the new services we’re able to offer them. 

One exciting service area is Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  GIS asset management applies database technology to mapping, allowing users to track layers of information about specific locations and assets within a municipal system.  This means communities can develop a GIS database to help them keep track of virtually anything – light poles, trees, signs, culverts, sewer manholes, water valves, curb stops, and more.
Minnesota AgricultureWe’ve also begun providing agricultural engineering service to our Minnesota partners.  Fifty-three percent (27 million acres) of Minnesota's landscape is currently being used as farmland. Producers require assistance with initial site surveys, manure transfer designs, and permitting procedures, and much, much more.  MSA has the resources to assist agriculture operations in each of these areas and beyond. 

After two years, the MSA St. Paul office remains virtually the same, still focusing on clients’ needs, and now able to provide a better value to clients by utilizing in-house specialized staff.  Some things never change.  Our primary focus is and will continue to be providing personal service and integrating seamlessly into each client’s team of experts. 

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