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Master Plan leads to new Holmen Police Station

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Master Plan leads to new Holmen Police Station

Building a new Police Station doesn’t happen overnight - just ask the Village of Holmen officials and residents.  Holmen’s new police facility was five years in the making before they even held the ground breaking ceremony. For Holmen, much like many other communities looking to enhance their public facilities, strategic master planning was an integral first step in the process.  Keep reading to learn more about how planning efforts led to a new station!

The Village of Holmen, Wisconsin is located five miles north of La Crosse nestled in the scenic upper Mississippi River Basin.  As part of the La Crosse Metropolitan Area, Holmen has experienced significant residential growth and their population has almost doubled in the past 15 years.  The community knew they needed to upgrade their existing facilities to accommodate recent growth, but they wanted to ensure they had evaluated all the options for the best possible alternative before spending tax payers’ dollars – they needed a plan. 

Strategic Master Plan
The Village started by conducting a department-wide facility needs assessment to identify deficiencies and develop feasible solutions.  The assessment focused primarily on the Police Station, Public Library, Public Works Building, Parks and Recreation Shop, and Village Offices.  The purpose of the facilities plan was to analyze existing and future space needs for these departments.
After six months of observation and tours of current facilities, the Village had created its strategic facilities master plan. 
Architecture Design PlanningFeatures of the plan included:
  • High-priority and long-term projects
  • Project Sequence Alternatives
  • Land Acquisition Recommendations
  • Funding Methods
  • Downtown Planning Concept
Site Development Plan
Since key municipal services focused in on the strategic master plan were already located downtown, the next logical step was to evaluate the entire downtown district to decide on the best locations for new facilities or opportunities to repurpose existing sites.   The Village board initiated a project to conceptually illustrate the proposed alternatives from the facilities plan for the downtown Site Development Plan.
The goal of the Site Development Plan was to create a Civic Campus establishing a more robust downtown district that better reflects Holmen’s stature as a vibrant and growing community.  The plan identified five potential options.
Alternatives ranged from completely abandoning the existing library site and building a new library and a new police station, to repurposing the existing Village Hall to house both the library and police station.  The Village then held public information meetings to gather feedback from community stakeholders.  Adjustments were made throughout the process, and ultimately the Board chose to build both a new police station and library and repurpose the existing Village Hall for full administrative use.
Construction Begins
Planning moved to construction last month when the Village officially broke ground on the future Police Station.  The facility will be built in three phases and will accommodate growth in the community for the next 30 years. The first phase is scheduled for completion next spring and is just one of many buildings that will eventually be part of Holmen’s new Civic Campus. 
By studying the interrelationships of all of the facilities, the Village of Holmen was able to create a broad master plan and subsequently a more detailed site plan for the new Civic Campus.   They have carefully put into place a systematic and practical approach to work toward the long term goal of preserving community identity and a sense of place.  It all began with a plan. 

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