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Identify Wetlands Early to Avoid Project Delays

Jeffrey Anderson, PE | with 0 Comments

Identify Wetlands Early to Avoid Project Delays

Where are the wetlands?

The Clean Water Act (CWA) has been protecting wetlands for more than 40 years. It requires wetland delineation for a variety of projects, from parks and recreational trails to highways, parking lots, driveways and residential developments. All have the potential to include a wetland component. Identifying wetlands early in a project is key to avoiding project delays.
There is value in identifying potential wetlands in the initial stages of project development.  Being prepared and aware of wetlands in the early stages of the project will allow you to most effectively evaluate alternatives and avoid costly or time consuming adjustments to plans in the design phase.
When it comes to wetlands protection, citizens and municipalities must follow the same delineation process. The steps are as follows:

1. Delineate boundaries to calculate impact
Evaluating the site for wetland characteristics will identify the wetland boundary. This practice is commonly
referred to as delineation. The impact to the wetland can be determined once this process is completed.
2. Devise an approvable plan or make changes to an existing plan
Any impacted wetlands will need to be replaced. It is during the planning process that you will determine how
to develop a site plan that includes wetlands or discover if the site cannot be used for the planned project.

3. Obtain permits from the local, state and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE)

The CWA is regulated by the ACOE at the federal level. State and local government entities provide a regional framework. All must approve the plan prior to a permit being issued.

4. Move forward with the project upon approval or make the necessary modifications to the plan
Once a permit is issued, the project can move forward.  

For more information about wetland delineation, contact Jeffrey Anderson.

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