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Green Street’s First Live Roof Towers Above

Green Street’s First Live Roof Towers Above

University of Illinois students are excited about the new 14-story mixed-use development at 519 E. Green Street in the hub of Campustown.  The building provides spectacular views of the surrounding area from luxurious apartments available to lease from Bankier Apartments.  The busy location on Green Street and Sixth Street, in Champaign, Illinois, is highly desirable due to its proximity to multiple eateries, retail shops and services. 

MSA Professional Services (MSA) teamed with Bankier Apartments and Broeren Russo on the building designed to LEED® standards.  MSA provided architectural design, structural design, MEP design, civil engineering, environmental analysis and surveying on the project.  The new apartment building boasts the first vegetative roof of its type on Green Street. This green roof, paired with low-emitting materials, recycled materials, and regionally-sourced materials are just a few of the project’s components that led it to be designed to LEED® standards. 

Check out the photos below to see how the apartment at 519 E. Green Street progressed from the first MSA schematic design through installation of the vegetative roof.  

For more information on the 519 E. Green Street project, contact MSA's Maranna Binder.

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