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High five, MSA Funding Team!

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High five, MSA Funding Team!

On July 12, MSA’s funding team sent out the last of our clients’ Safe Drinking Water Loan applications. Out of the 46 applications the Wisconsin DNR received, 13 were from MSA. Just recently, the DNR released its preliminary list of funding recipients. Out of the $4,355,400 of principal forgiveness (i.e. grant funding) available throughout the state, our clients are slated to receive more than half, totaling $2,451,285.
Communities use funding from the Safe Drinking Water Loan program to fund new water treatment plants or improvements to existing facilities, distribution system strengthening, new water storage facilities, wells and source water protection efforts.
Did you receive the March 2013 issue of our Grants and Funding Newsletter? Check it out for more information on how this and other SRF programs can help your community fund improvements!

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