Why I love Duluth

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Why I love Duluth

Welcome to the seaport city of Duluth, Minnesota!
Duluth and its surrounding metro statistical area is home to approximately 279,000 people, making it the second-largest city in Minnesota. Being nestled on the shores of Lake Superior, Duluth offers many amenities to residents of all ages.

MSA planted roots in Duluth in 1998, but if we take into account the history of the firm we acquired, our presence in Duluth spans back much further. Many of our twelve office professionals are life-long Duluthians. Some of us, like me, are transplanted from faraway lands like Miami, FL. Besides the natural beauty of the area, I have found eight reasons why I love living and working in Duluth.
  1. Voted Outside Magazine’s “Best Town Ever”with 6,834 acres of city parkland, 178 miles of wooded trails and 16 designated trout streams. Whether you’re a hiker, a biker, snowmobile enthusiast or a hunter, Duluth offers ample options for outdoor recreation.
  2. Education. The Duluth area boasts a strong primary and secondary education system, two technical colleges and three four-year universities: the University of Minnesota-Duluth, the College of St. Scholastica and the University of Wisconsin-Superior.
  3. The average commute time is 17 minutes and bike commuting is becoming more popular. Duluth also has a reliable bus system for public transit and a brand new transit hub in the center of downtown. Other improvements include a new airport terminal and long-range plans for high-speed rail linking Duluth to Minneapolis and beyond.
  4. Raise a pint! Lake Superior’s pristine water is turning Duluth into the Midwest’s hub for microbreweries and distilleries.
  5. Duluth has long been a City with a well-supported arts scene. The Minnesota Ballet, Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra and Duluth Playhouse are among the popular draws in the City. Additionally, the City offers free movies in Leif Erickson Park on Fridays during the summer.
  6. Drop the puck! Minnesota is known as the hockey state, and Duluth’s residents are hockey fanatics. Local high schools regularly win state championships, and the University of Minnesota-Duluth has won national titles and play in one of the best venues for college hockey, the Amsoil Arena. In fact, Stadium Journey recently released its 2016 list of college hockey arena experiences and ranked Amsoil Arena number one overall.
  7. Duluth is a regional center for healthcare in Northern Minnesota, with two large hospitals and a vast network of clinics.
  8. Duluth is known as the Christmas City of the North, including a renowned holiday parade downtown and a free holiday light display known as Bentleyville.  If you have ever heard the song Christmas City by Merv Griffin, Duluth is the City that inspired the song.
These eight reasons make me happy to call Duluth my home, but this only breaks the surface to what this community and its people have to offer. If you are interested in living in an area that has unparalleled scenic beauty, opportunity and resources, then Duluth is the place for you. Once you visit you’ll see why so many of us call it home.
For more information regarding job opportunities in Duluth, please visit our Careers page or contact Craig Fields.  

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