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Overcome the Obstacles of your Park and Recreation Project [Infographic]

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Overcome the Obstacles of your Park and Recreation Project [Infographic]

Are you ready to tackle your community's next recreational project? It's ironic that park and recreation projects can create stress. Capitalizing on strengths and overcoming obstacles to create a user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing environment is the ultimate end goal. Before the first shovel-full of dirt is overturned, there are mountains of hurdles to overcome.
Our team of parks and recreation experts have compiled the five most common obstacles – and solutions – communities face when planning a new park and recreation project.

Here are the top five obstacles. Check out the infographic below for the solutions!
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Lack of Available Land
  • Concerns about Unsafe/Inaccessible Equipment
  • Inefficient use of Existing Recreational Areas
  • Lack of Vision Surrounding the Park System’s Future

Our team has helped numerous communities reach their park and recreational goals from riverfront revitalization to master park plans.  Contact Raine Gardner for more information.

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