Is a Stormwater Utility the right fit for your community? [Video]

Eric Thompson, PE, CFM | with 0 Comments

Is a Stormwater Utility the right fit for your community? [Video]

MSA's Stormwater Practice Leader Eric Thompson, PE, CFM guides you through the stormwater utility development process in this webinar. This is a must-watch video for any community contemplating implementation of a stormwater utility.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • What is a Stormwater Utility?
  • How is a Stormwater Utility developed?
  • What are the alternatives to an ERU System?
  • What are critical elements for success?
  • Stormwater Utility credits
  • What are other communities doing?
Eric has helped dozens of communities throughout the Midwest determine the feasibility of implementing stormwater utilities. And, our stormwater team has guided nearly 20 communities through the complete stormwater utility implementation process. 

Do you have questions on the video presentation or other stormwater concerns? Contact Eric for more information.

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