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Benefits of Pedestrian Bridges [Infographic]

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Benefits of Pedestrian Bridges [Infographic]
Pedestrian bridge at Althaus Park in Asbury, Iowa.

Pedestrian bridges connect communities near and far.  From refurbished historic footbridges to newly designed pathways, smart communities focus on enhancing connectivity to neighborhoods, schools, and even other communities. 

Benefits of Pedestrian Bridges
  • Improve bike and pedestrian safety
  • Boost local economies by improving access to businesses
  • Enhance connections with surrounding neighborhoods
  • Provide access to key destinations
Click on the infographic below for more benefits.  
Communities with pedestrian bridges
The City of Galena, Illinois is transforming 3.5 miles of abandoned railroad bed into a recreational trail. The trail design includes a single-span bridge that satisfies the DNR’s safety concerns and suits the City’s aesthetic style.
Connecting every City and Township in Ramsey County, Minnesota was the goal of the County and its municipal partners. They have prepared a 100-mile Regional Trail Comprehensive Plan.
Spring Brook Trail in Antigo, Wisconsin created a two-mile trail that connects their downtown, an elementary school and one of the community’s parks.

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