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State Street Bus Shelters “Support” Celebration after Wisconsin Victory

Michael J. Statz, PE | with 0 Comments

State Street Bus Shelters “Support” Celebration after Wisconsin Victory

When MSA led the reconstruction of State Street, we knew Madisonians would gather under the bus shelters designed by our architects. We didn’t realize those same bus shelters would later serve as a stage for pumped-up fans celebrating Wisconsin’s latest victory in the NCAA tournament.
After the Badgers’ 64-63 overtime triumph over Arizona, thousands of UW-Madison students flocked to State Street. Thirty or so fans climbed on top of a bus shelter.
Even if we weren’t there in person to take part in Saturday’s State Street festivities, we’re happy to have contributed to the celebration by designing bus shelters that can “hold up” to the celebration. Best of luck to the UW Men’s Basketball Team as they enter the Final Four this weekend. 

Photo by Mike DeVries of the Wisconsin State Journal.

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