USH 12 Middleton Bypass | Middleton, WI

Author: Steve Thompson, PE

/News---Info/Blog/April-2016/Consider-the-Big-Picture-when-preparing-Developers Steve Thompson, PE
Engineers and planners work with communities to advise them of potential impacts of a proposed development. A community’s engineer can help offer insights about the future needs of infrastructure that could be totally unrelated to the project at hand. This information may be included in a Developer’s Agreement that protects all parties.


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/News---Info/Blog/January-2015/What-it-Takes-to-be-an-Engineer Steve Thompson, PE
Choosing a career is one of the most decisive and critical parts of one’s life. If you want to pursue engineering, you have to look closely at your innate talents, skills and desires. That’s because a creative, practical and detail-oriented personality is mandatory along with a curious and analytical mind.


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