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Author: Stephanie Brown, AICP

/News---Info/Blog/November-2015/Community-Planning--Focus-on-High-Quality-of-Life Stephanie Brown, AICP
Planners help communities develop a strong, realistic vision for the future. Planners can identify strengths within the community – whether it be its downtown space, tourist attractions or historic significance - and then develop a community plan to enhance those features. 


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/News---Info/Blog/July-2015/Stormwater-Innovations-Mean-Something Stephanie Brown, AICP
Large amounts of impervious area associated with modern cityscapes prevent water from soaking into the ground as easily as it does in natural environments. Therefore, extra measures need to be taken to restore a watersheds infiltration capacity. Some of these innovations include rooftop gardens, bioretention gardens and permeable pavements. 


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/News---Info/Blog/November-2014/The-Next-Generation-of-Planners Stephanie Brown, AICP
Growing up, I had no idea what a planner was, or even that the planning profession existed. It was my sophomore college, while in a mandatory geography class for my elementary education program, that I learned about the profession. The next day, I switched majors.


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