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MSA launches Aerial Solutions

Posted on 10/31/2016 9:07 AM

MSA now has a new way to promote understanding of community projects through the use of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), typically known as drones. 

Drones have been around for a while, but what’s different is the FAA Part 107 rule that changed effective August 29, 2016. It permits businesses to operate sUAS, if requirements are met.

Through the use of this powerful platform, communities have access to aerial photos and videos to promote ideas, projects and achievements; Digital Mapping/3-D modeling/surveying through photogrammetry and many more applications.

Jamie Anderson, PE, PLS, and Shawn O’Shea, AICP recently obtained Commercial Airman Certificates and can fly sUAS commercially.

For more information about how to use sUAS to help communities plan for their future, click here. Contact Jamie Anderson or Shawn O’Shea for more information.  


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