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MSA Participates in STEM Exploration Day

Posted on 12/04/2017 7:19 AM

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point opened its doors to seventh- and eighth-grade boys who wanted to learn more about STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).  

Daniel Borchardt and Abby Meyer, MSA, and Andrew Walters, American Engineering Testing (AET), Schofield, all volunteered at the event on behalf of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Northwest Branch.
STEM Exploration Day for Boys drew participants from throughout several central Wisconsin Schools. After an opening session with keynote speaker, students participated in hands-on workshops and learned of the many career paths available with a STEM education.

MSA and AET representatives helped boys with a crash-cushioning experiment. They worked in groups to design and make a crash barrier capable of catching an egg dropped from different heights ― including from a balcony.  
In addition, participants learned about the ingredients that go into making asphalt. They made “asphalt cookies” with ingredients including Oreo Cookies, Reese’s Pieces, oatmeal and graham crackers. These ingredients represented raw materials used to make asphalt for road projects. As an added bonus, participants were able to eat their creations.

“UW-Stevens Point heard a lot of great feedback from our presentations and was thankful for our help with the programs,” said Borchardt. “We look forward to participating in February’s STEM Exploration Day for Girls event.”
For more information, contact Dan Borchardt, PE

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