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MSA’s Gonzalez Earns WI Assured Wetland Delineator

Posted on 07/20/2017 6:34 AM

MSA Professional Services (MSA) announces the assignment of Mark Gonzalez, Senior Environmental Technician, as an Assured Wetland Delineator for the state of Wisconsin.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) Assured Wetland Delineator program identifies individuals in private-practice who have been confirmed to provide a high level of certainty about wetland boundaries for project planning and design. The WDNR’s ‘assurance’ of the qualifications of these individuals allows for the streamlining of many wetlands-related permit actions in the Wisconsin.
“MSA is excited to announce Mark’s achievement and the ability to offer our clients expedited service for their projects,” says Eric Thompson, PE, Team Leader and Stormwater Community of Practice Leader at MSA. “This credential allows us to proceed on a project without first-hand concurrence from DNR, eliminating as much as 60 days of the State permit process and $300 (per 20 acres of site) in potential review fees.”
Gonzalez earned a B.S. degree in General Resource Management and Land Use Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. He joined MSA in 2006, and his experience also includes ArcGIS asset management, ArcGIS mobile applications with collector, GPS training and implementation, GPS-based utility and infrastructure inventories and inspections, floodplain analyses, wetland mitigation and monitoring, and threatened and endangered species surveys.
For more information about the WDNR Assured Wetland Delineator Program, visit:

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