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Experienced engineer brings passion for work to Duluth

Posted on 05/24/2016 9:58 AM

Jason DiPiazza, PE, an experienced senior project engineer with MSA Professional Services, brings his passion for transportation engineering to the firm’s Duluth office. 

Many of DiPiazza's projects are like a complex jigsaw puzzle where he must work with a team to fit roadway improvements, numerous underground utilities and streetscape improvements into a constrained space that meets tough governmental regulations.

“Each project has its own challenges,” DiPiazza said. “What’s so satisfying about transportation projects is their diversity and the ability to see the positive impact of your efforts. I look forward to working with our firm’s professionals to expand transportation services in Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin.”


DiPiazza and his team have won numerous awards, including an American Public Works Association– Wisconsin Chapter Project of the Year Award for the State Street/Library Mall project in Madison, Wisconsin. 

This final segment of the transformation of State Street includes two city blocks within the City where State Street meets the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. (See photo at right.)

DiPiazza’s experience includes designing and constructing urban and rural highways, streets, and municipal transportation projects. His expertise extends across all phases of the projects from project scoping through preliminary and final design and into construction. 

His projects often include stormwater infrastructure, municipal utilities, bridges, traffic analysis, and real estate acquisition.

Diverse Projects

His other notable projects include the following:

Reconstruction of WIS 76 in Winnebago County, Wisconsin, that includes two high speed, rural single-lane roundabouts and one high speed, rural multi-lane roundabout, plus real estate acquisition and utility relocations;

Reconstruction of Central Avenue in Marshfield, Wisconsin, a 1.3-mile, four-lane urban principal arterial roadway through downtown Marshfield, pictured at right; 

Reconstruction of WIS 113, a 4.7-mile pavement replacement project in the City of Madison that carries 40,000 vehicles per day and; 

Reconstruction of the USH 51 southbound bridge and interchange over Cottage Grove Road in Madison that serves a four-lane divided expressway.

DiPiazza, with 15 years of experience, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

He is a licensed professional engineer in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

For more information, contact Jason DiPiazza.



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