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Danvers, MSA Solve Water Quality Issues

Posted on 10/04/2016 11:56 AM

ASCE Central Illinois presented an achievement award to MSA and Danvers for the water treatment project.
ASCE Central Illinois presented an achievement award to MSA and Danvers for the water treatment project.

The Village of Danvers, Illinois now has “awesome” water. However, just a few years ago, the water was smelly and tasted so awful most purchased bottled water for health and safety reasons. 

In addition, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) told the community it did not comply with arsenic levels in the finished potable water.

In 2013, the Village turned to MSA for help treating its water system, which contained high arsenic and iron levels. After extensive review, the Village decided to upgrade and build a new treatment plant building along with modifications and upgrades to the existing treatment plant. 

MSA helped the Village secure a low-interest loan through the Illinois EPA’s Public Water Supply Loan program to finance the $3.4 million project.

ASCE Recognizes Water Treatment Project

For these efforts, ASCE Central Illinois recently presented the 2016 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award to the Village and MSA Professional Services at its banquet in Peoria, Ill. The Village is planning an Open House at the award-winning facility on Sunday, Oct. 30. Activities will begin at 1 p.m. with a walk through the butterfly garden followed by a tour of the treatment plant. Halloween activities also are being planned for the children. 

Testing since December 2015 shows the water is below the 10 parts per billion maximum contaminant level. Residents now don’t have to worry that their water will impact their health, especially for the more vulnerable infants and elderly.

Pictured, from left to right, are: Gregory Crowe, AICP, Nick Wagner, PE, Project Manager, MSA; and Keith Schinkoeth, PE, past president, ASCE Central Illinois. 

Village of Danvers President W. Thomas Caisley said, “I’m glad to report our community now enjoys fresh, pure water after years of facing severe water quality issues.”

Proactive Planning Benefits Community

The Village of Danvers, like nearby communities, is located in the Mahomet Aquifer found in east-central Illinois. The aquifer is high in dissolved minerals and iron and contains naturally-occurring arsenic. 

With its existing water treatment system, the Village was unable to sustain a treatment process to maintain treated potable water with the EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 0.010 mg/L. Officials knew the community would be required to take action in the future.

MSA worked with the Village to consider potential system improvements and conduct a pilot study. Due to proactive planning and a pilot study, the Village was set with a strong plan of action prior to receiving the inevitable mandate from the EPA. This allowed the Village to offer a realistic compliance deadline that could be met and avoid penalties or fines.

There was limited space near the existing water treatment plant, so a portion of a nearby municipal park was used for the new treatment facility. A butterfly garden was created on the remaining green space to create a park-like setting. The facade of the new building was built to match the existing facility.

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For information, contact Nick Wagner, PE. 

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